MTR Snacks are made from authentic recipes using best quality ingredients and fried in high quality oil to ensure they retain the homemade authentic flavor, taste and aroma. We have a wide variety of popular savory snacks options to choose from for your hunger pangs in between meals. Prepared under strict hygienic conditions using modern machinery, our products are packed in special stay fresh packs for lasting freshness and crispiness.

Presenting the MTR SnackUp range A unique mix of interesting flavours, that will leave you craving for more!

  • Huli Thengols

    Huli Thengols

  • Kodubale


  • Salted Banana Chips

    Salted Banana Chips

  • Spicy Banana Chips

    Spicy Banana Chips

  • Pepper Banana Chips

    Pepper Banana Chips

  • Rice Kodubale

    Rice Kodubale

  • Cornflakes Mixture

    Cornflakes Mixture

  • Butter Chakli

    Butter Chakli

  • Avalakki Mixture

    Avalakki Mixture

  • Ompudi


  • Chow Chow Mixture

    Chow Chow Mixture

  • Spicy Cornflakes Mixture

    Spicy Cornflakes Mixture

  • Khara Boondi

    Khara Boondi

  • Spicy Avalakki Mixture

    Spicy Avalakki Mixture

  • Spicy Thick Sev

    Spicy Thick Sev

  • Spicy Ompudi

    Spicy Ompudi

  • Seedai


  • Onion Nibbles

    Onion Nibbles

  • Benne Murukku

    Benne Murukku